TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series review: Quality At It’s Finest


TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series Watch Review

The TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series watch is ideal for every day wear. The stainless steel, Y-link band makes the watch suitable to wear with both casual and formal dress, while the scratch resistant, sapphire face cover means you don’t have to worry about accidentally brushing the watch face against a desk or a wall.

Elegant detailing, such as the ribbed crown edge and solid face center (surrounded with a sleek, wave design as a background for the numbers) allow this watch to fit with a suit as easily with a polo shirt and khakis.

The illuminated hour hands and hour markers allow you to subtly check the time in the theater or a dimly-lit restaurant (or in a darkened board room during a media presentation). The date calendar ensures I always know what day of the month it is.

TAG Heuer is a brand known for it’s accuracy, only time can only tell of this level of accuracy as it is proven and stood the test of time. It’s capable of not resetting it a single time even up to a year and it’s just as accurate as the clock on a smartphone.

And for all of its design and functional qualities, it is not burdensome on the wrist as it has just the right weight and feels like its not even there. The case is only thirty-nine millimeters wide and ten millimeters thick, making it a good, light fit on the wrist of the person. The safety on the fold over, push-button clasp means that you there is not need to worry about the watch slipping off and getting lost, either.

At night, It can be stored in the thick, durable stainless-steel case,  not worrying about your dog knocking the case off the nightstand. In fact, I think the case weighs more than the watch!

The TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series watch is definitely a quality timepiece. It’s noted that many sporting franchises (including the Olympics) rely on this brand to keep time for events. It certainly does its job keeping time daily.

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